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Dem768 09-08-2011 10:20 AM

XEDE for 1.8 with PNP Harness and software
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XEDE unit, Plug 'n Play Wire Harness for stock ECU - Harness fits my 2002.

XEDE is probably the best piggy back system for the Miata. I've used a couple of them and this is the easiest to use and the best installation thus far.

I was running RC 550's and the BEGI s4 kit with a GT2860RS at 13 LBS. I turned the boost up and popped my engine so I'm going forged with a stand alone. I'm not excited about the stand alone but due to the compression change I cannot keep the XEDE (or at least I don't think I can).

The XEDE carries the tuning torch without inducing any compromise to performance or safety. The XEDE is the most user friendly engine management available! It plugs directly into the stock ECU and requires no tuning.* The XEDE comes pre-programmed for your application. Some tuning may be required by the end user.

Why the Xede is better than a full ECU replacement! How does the XEDE work?

It is wired into a wire harness that plugs into the stock ECU. It intercepts signals to the ECU. For example, by intercepting the crank signal, the XEDE can advance or retard timing. By intercepting the load signal, the XEDE can make fuel mixtures richer or leaner. It remains under closed loop during idle and cruise, and goes open loop under boost. The MazdaSpeed Miata (MSM) XEDE also allows the user to control the boost levels.

Price: 700 pretty firm but PM offers
Contact: PM - Text 248 885 7255 - My PM's don't notify my email.

bigx5murf 09-08-2011 06:07 PM

What do you mean by control boost levels on an MSM? The stock boost controller, I've never heard of taking control of it, and there's still the boost cut to defeat.

Either way, that price though good compared to retail, is nearly MS pnp money.

GLWS though.

Dem768 09-09-2011 03:46 AM

I would rather have this than MS pnp if I weren't trying to make 300+ with a built block. This is extremely easy to tune and you keep all of your Drivability, idle, AC tuning and diagnostics features. I've had MS pnp on previous miatas and it's been hell to deal with cold starts and the stuff I mentioned above. Not saying it can't be tuned, you just don't have to with this. It's like having a factory boosted Miata with the ability to tune.

And from what I understand yes you can control boost with msm including defeating boost cut.

Dem768 09-09-2011 03:55 AM

Also there is not a true ms PNP for the NB from what I understand. Unless it's DIY. I have an offer to trade this plus 200 for a DIY pnp. I'd rather not go back to ms though.

bigx5murf 09-09-2011 11:48 AM

I hear you, I really liked the features of the xede, but w/o ability to raise the rpm, it's limited on an msm. I would need to get a begi reflash, and then use an xede to fine tune it. At which point the final cost will be between adaptronics - hydra money.

Reverent at mt.net makes a MS pnp kit for the msm, his price is very very reasonable. But like you've mentioned, I'm a bit hesitant to dive in and learn it from scratch.

Dem768 09-09-2011 02:19 PM

Right - If I didn't need to rebuild my car I'd keep the XEDE for sure. I've never had a better time tuning a car. It was cake.

Sale pending but i'm not shutting it down until that paypal money arrives.

saedrin 09-10-2011 04:29 PM

I've got an XEDE as well, great unit. But you have to tune it for your application, there is no "plug it in and go" unless the next car has an identical setup, it runs off of a map just like any other ECU.

Dem768 09-12-2011 11:05 AM

BUMP - Make offers.

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