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Default PNP EMS Options for 97'

Hey guys. I'm looking at PNP EMS options for my 97'.

Here is the PM I originally sent to 18PSI on the Turbo Miata forum but I figured I should throw it out to the whole forum and see what people say.

Originally Posted by Brap-Brap
Hey man, my name is Alec and i'm just a kid with a Miata who wants to have fun. I bought my first Miata, a red 97' 5-20-2017 but i've been messing with cars all of my life. I got it, changed all the fluids and spark plugs and wires and coils and now she's throwing misfire codes every time I get anywhere close to 6800 RPM. OBD-II just says "Random Misfire" and the CEL is starting to **** me off. I also want more power and full control of my car, so i'm looking into standalone ECU's. Didn't feel like posting a thread, but I did search some things on here to see what's what. I've been a lurker for some time and I know how serious you guys are about good products. I think I nearly pissed myself laughing over the many FFS "For F***s Sake" Supercharging flame threads with Tom the Yo-Yo master. But I would like to go to a standalone EMS and stay N/A for a while before I try going boosted. Keep in mind my car is my daily driver and at the end of the day I need to be able to open the garage door, hop in, turn the key and get going no matter if its 100 degrees in the middle of August or 0 degrees in January. I live in Ohio so emissions is not an issue.

The FM221 caught my eye. Keith has me hooked on things like cold-start, AC compensation, off-throttle fuel control and other stuff that seems nice for a daily.

But, I know how much you guys love Megasquirt (and for a good reason, its a damn good product) and so I wanted some advice. I was looking at the MS2PNP. (EDIT: MS3PNP also seems like an option... more down below...)

I've read this thread:

The ME guys just seem stupid, but FM are good people and I think they have the potential to make it a really great product.

The plan was get an AEM Wideband, GM IAT sensor, wire them up and delete the MAF.

What say you? MS2PNP (Again, MS3PNP, but see below) seems very popular but the options list of the FM221 looks nice.

Yea there is a little brown-nosing I know...

Currently NA but I plan to go boosted in the future. Do I really need all the options of the MS3PNP or will MS2PNP suffice? What major advantages does MS3PNP have over MS2PNP other than things like "Rally-style anti-lag" and "3 step rev limiting"? I know it has 16x16 ignition map over the MS2PNP's 12x12 but what else is there? Is the FM221 a good product and do the extra options it offers really make a difference?

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