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NA (1989-1997) NA Miata discussion within. The MX5's first generation, the NA, sold over 400,000 units from 1989 to 1997.

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I do not do a lot of electric wiring so for what it is worth be careful splicing wires in at this spot or on to this wire or using this circuit for this set up
you are still dealing with voltage and amperage.
As volts go down amperage goes up which can increase heat on the wiring
A lighter bulb may only draw very little amperage yet when you add to the length of the wire and connect Led on then you could drop the voltage and increase the amperage
I tried using the laptop in the Miata after a while I noticed the car start to run rough and the lights seemed a little dimmer.
I was using the cig plug. The inverter and laptop were pulling so much amperage the alt good not keep up
Talking with another Miata owner, He told me about a guy burning a new corvette up by running acc from a cig plug it overheated the wires and gutted the dash
Just giving a heads up to keep in mind

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Originally Posted by jumbosrule View Post
Posting up to ask for some advice on some custom wiring I am working on.

I'm planning on installing six to eight LEDs inside the car for cabin lighting. I'd like for it to be entirely indirect - so the LEDs will be mounted behind and/or under the seats, in the footwells and maybe on the parcel shelf. I don't want to see the actual source of light (no direct bulb view) so it will all be reflected/indirect.

So far I have a simple harness soldered together along with a control switch mounted in the center console. I have a power and ground lead and would like the ability to turn on these LEDs at any time night or day. Am I trying to tap into the ACC line and if so - where can I tap close to the center console?

I noticed two un-used connectors under the console - one is the ashtray light and the other may be the speaker connector for the OEM headrest speakers. Not sure about that but there are six wires.

I have the full wiring diagrams from the How-to section and while they are good for identifying the wire color codes, they don't show where connectors are located. I'm also at least thinking about the load on the circuit - do I need to add a fuse or relay depending on where I am tapping ACC?

LED light will work well for you. This is ideal option and very efficient too.
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Glad that you got it to work =)
Care to post up a picture?
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