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NA (1989-1997) NA Miata discussion within. The MX5's first generation, the NA, sold over 400,000 units from 1989 to 1997.

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MFz Lurker
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Default cross country

94 is finally up to snuff. Lots of new stuff: brain, timing belt, brakes, alternator, tires, all manner of electrical repairs. The car has 132k. I am dreamng of a drive from Massachusetts to North Carolina. Is that too much to ask of a twenty year old car. Will it hold up to 65 mph for hours on end. Any advice. Car is a wonderful drive.
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MFz Lurker
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As long as you have roadside assistance available, I'd suggest you go for it and lose yourself for a while. Enjoy!
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My MSM, with 180k miles went from the Rhode Island line to Deals Gap two years ago, with no issues. While I didn't have roadside assistance, that sounds like a very good idea!

Also, cell coverage is limited in some of those areas. You might want to pick up a satellite personal locator beacon. Those are relatively inexpensive. It's worth a web search.

Enjoy the trip!
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If it is proving reliable on some shorter trips then I don't know why the longer trips would be any more risky. If you need a tow, local or not, you need a tow! These are really reliable little cars long term and I wouldn't worry much.

Just be sure to make it known on the forum if you run into trouble. I know Miata people from all over. If you do break down somewhere and you can get internet access, PM me here (and on our sister site and I will enlist the help of the online community.

Have fun.

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Old 05-31-2014, 04:18 PM   #5  
MFz Lurker
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I have been cross-country from SF to NYC or Alabama 12 times since 2001 and 58k in my 93'. I'm at 220k now and I'm pretty sure I would make it again, but I've just done major maintenance. One failure of a fuel pump relay in Iowa a few years back, but I think that was the MSPnP. Make sure you have AAA or some such. Whenever I have it, I don't need it. When I don't like in Iowa, I do. I do keep tools in the car.

With good hoses, enough coolant and oil, the Miata is a super reliable vehicle.
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Hey Royalston, our Southern Calif. Miata Club has a member who drove his 1997 from so. cal. up to Alaska and back two years ago and had a wonderful trip! Only did about 250 miles a day, so it was a very leisurely trip. Only had one flat and one small windshield ding. Not bad for any car let alone a low to the ground Miata!
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