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NA (1989-1997) NA Miata discussion within. The MX5's first generation, the NA, sold over 400,000 units from 1989 to 1997.

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Default First on this forum a little buggy....Cruise and A/c problems

I have two problems with my miata.

First it's a 92, ps,pw, cruise, a.c...1.6...think that's it.

Anyway, so we've had it a couple weeks, and have fiddled with both and not had any success.

For the cruise...the button on the clutch seems to be ok, there is power going out to the canister, and the light comes on at the dash. I don't really know how to test it from here. How would I know if it's just bad? Or the stalk? I can't tell if maybe that's the problem.

Second...the compressor...there's no refrigerant, and so I know that makes it stay off, but we tried to jump it from the plug, and we had no luck getting it to kick on...of course we don't really know what we're doing. Anyone have a picture of what the plug looks like? The one we were looking at was the one coming off the small hose, so I thought that was right.

Other than happy with the car. We got it super cheap, and since I commute 80 miles each way a day, going from 16 mpg to 34 mpg is wonderful! Car should pay for itself by mid Fall semester.
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Figure 4 of this document should help a bit. You need to check the brake switch and various grounds first, I would think. It measures speed from speedo output voltage in the gauge cluster. The system is armed but not necessarily controlling speed when the light in the main switch is on.

Most cruise units will not engage below about 30-35mph, so to stationary test it, you need to put the car on a lift or securely on jack stands. Letting it idle in fifth gear with the wheels off the ground should net enough indicated speed to be able to engage or test the stalk circuit of the unit.

There is one wire feeding the clutch on the front of the AC compressor. 12v positive to it will engage it if it is not broken.
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Also, A/C button must be in and the fan turned to at least the low fan position to work. If you jumped the connector with the fan off =no joy. Don't run the compressor long without fluid or you burn the compressor out.
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So, thanks the stars...we have AC. Everything turns on, but the compressor is kind of weak. We have a friend that works at a dealership, and he thinks that the compressor won't last past this summer. It really just has to last the next three weeks...we have record setting heat this June and I have a 80 mile commute each way to go to school. gah!

Still working on the PS.
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